The information contained herein is subject to change and does not commit Global Communities. Refer to official links on the documents for the most updated information.

supplies.pngCareer Guide - Learn how to identify your skills, prepare a resume, and find out where to look for jobs in the Quad Cities. Click on the following link. English. Español.


doc.pngFloreciente Neighborhood Resource Guide - This guide is to assist in locating and identifying services and resources in and around the Floreciente community. Click on the following link. English. Español.


mobile.pngGuide to Go Request - As community members, we like to think that the City of Moline has someone checking all the streets, lights and sidewalks for repair. The reality is that issues that get reported are more likely to be repaired. To learn how to report an issue click on the following link. English. Español.


light_bulb_(1).pngStreetlight Request - To reports a streetlight on a metal pole, you must submit an online service request online or through the go request app on your phone. Click on the following link. English. Español.


shovel.pngSnow Removal Guide - Many people walk as their main source of transport, and snow-covered sidewalks are dangerous especially for students, the elderly, and people with disabilities. Click on the following link to learn more about snow removal requirements and how to report a problem. English. Español.